Services & Bundles


Our most popular service on the menu for over 14yrs, we design brows to frame your eyes & face. Brow Shape - Hybrid Brows - Brow Lamination available, book here <3


Lash Lifting + Lash Extensions available, including Classics & Volume. We believe in versatility with our services because it's all about customising every set to our clients. Book here <3


Flawless, elegant and complimenting Makeup that looks great both in person and on camera. Bridal + Event bookings available Sydney wide. Book here or send us an inquiry via our contact page here or email:


We're launching some new courses this 2024 for Lash Lifting & Extensions - our release date for booking will be the 12th of Feb so keep an eye out!

Beauty Bundles

For a full list of our bundles, head over here <3

Designer Lash Collection

2024 is all about bespoke, tailored looks that reflect YOU - our latest design is the Angel set. Soft, light and natural looking lashes that still give you more than a Classic set but less than a Full Volume set. Book your Angel set here


Flawless & long-wearing, we curate your Bridal Makeup to emulate and bring your vision to life. Servicing Sydney-wide, send us an email via our contact page below

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