"Clean" vs. "2016"

"Clean" vs. "2016"

Unless you’re living under a book (which, truth be told I need more of that in my life) you’ve heard of the Clean Girl Aesthetic & 2016 Look - before we dive into it, let’s define what each represents:

Clean Girl Aesthetic:

  • Minimalism
  • Less is more
  • Understated

Key Features in Make-up:

  • Skincare focused
  • Enhancing natural features
  • Mascara graced lashes at most

Important things to note:

  • Clinical Facials
  • Clinical Injections & PMU
  • Plastic Surgery (sometimes, not all)
  • Low Maintenance, High Maintenance

The Clean Girl Aesthetic lends itself to the “Naturally look this good” attitude and draws empowerment from this ideal. Like most things, there’s a spectrum - not everyone goes down a clinical path to achieve this look (natural pretty SLAYYY) - however if they do, It does take A LOT of work, time and investment to have a base style that is so effortless in it’s daily maintenance. This is the crowd that you’ll hear say “I’m not even wearing any makeup/ barely anything”. All in all, the CGA is a much easier look (once you learn a few basics) to achieve and low maintenance on the daily.

2016 Look:

  • Boldness in balance (usually, can be argued)
  • Statement ready
  • Confidently outward

Key Features in Make-up:

  • Lashes & Lips on FLEEK
  • Colourful Shadows / Contouring
  • Sculpted Brows

Important things to note:

  • Clinical Injections (mainly lip filler)
  • Plastic Surgery (sometimes, not all)
  • Mega Volume Lashes, strip Lashes etc.
  • Daily/Weekly high-maintenance

2016 Looks are vibrant, bold and exude a confidence of “This is me & I love it” attitude - from Goth to Glam, there’s a spectrum & it caters to a wide audience due to a lot of it being readily available and encouraging creativity. Definitely not as popular or on trend like it used to be, there is still loyalty to the look that has transcended trends and redefined itself to the “Soft Glam” group - they’ve taken the good, learned from the not so good and applied industry MUA principalities that have many swooning over their now on trend styles.

(Now, of course this is just a BRIEF overview of each aesthetic/look - not everyone is subject to these outlines & key points - however as a MUA, Brow & Lash Tech this is what I’m seeing both online and with my clientele.)

Tbh, in my professional opinion - they share the same house.

Whether you’re influenced by the CGA trend or Glam 4lyfe, the principles and confidence are the same. These looks are NOT NEW! They have been around for decades, they just come around in cycles, clothes in a new branded name & maybe a slight few changes, but they’re nothing new.

It really comes down to one thing - what do YOU like and does it make you FEEL confident, empowered, and beautiful? Ultimately, how we feel from how we look should always be about the individual, not about trends - not about who looks better because of what they do and don’t do, how they look and don’t look. Self-care and self-love baby, always.

Trends aren’t bad on their own, they can be powerful and inspiring - you may discover something you really like that, possibly you may not have found if not for the trend. Just remember - being “on trend” is harmless but if you don’t like it, you don’t have to follow it.

We share the same house and always will - be inspired, not dictated to - learn as you grow; grow older, grow out of, grow into, and be flexible with yourself as you change and redefine your style.

Most of all - you’re beautiful, regardless of the “aesthetic” on trend


you’re the only you.

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